"De keuze voor glasvezel is een evidentie voor ons, het is de enige technologie die ons de snelheden kan leveren die we nodig hebben."

Stijn Spooren - IT Infrastructure Manager bij Van Moer Logistics

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Convinced that hybrid / multiclouds are the way to go? Have you, however, thought about the crucial importance of connectivity? Imagine the impact of a non-functioning connection…

Eurofiber is the only open B2B fiber-optic network provider in the Benelux and has the network with the lowest latency, the best delivery times on the market and the shortest activation processes.  

Contact Eurofiber and gain access to the best fiber-optic network in the Benelux!


6 reasons to choose Eurofiber

Our specific solutions for your needs

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• Available in 7 variants
• Symmetrical bandwidth up to 10 Gb/s
• Standard Anti-DDoS
• Freedom of choice to use own IP addresses or Eurofiber IP addresses
• Redundancy on the infrastructure (fibre optic) & diverse protocols
• Provided over the most reliable fibre optic connections
• Network monitoring centre available 24x7

• Direct connection to market-leading cloud platforms
• Secure and trustworthy private networks
• Guaranteed availability and low latency
• End-to-end services including various redundancy options

• Fully managed nationwide fiber optic network
• High quality, low attenuation and latency
• Fully underground and spliced
• Available in most datacenters in the Netherlands and Belgium
• Virtually unlimited bandwidth
• Fastest repair times in the market (guaranteed <8hours)

• Very high bandwidths up to 100 Gb/s
• Low latency: < 1msec per 100 km
• Supports protocols: SDH, Ethernet, Fiber Channel and SDI video
• Encryption enabled
• Connects to your datacenter network and hardware
• Very high availability due to fully separated routes

• Encryption in the optical layer
• Available at excellent speeds up to 100 Gb/s
• Low latency: < 1 msec. per 100 km
• Encryption is protocol-independent
• Certified FIPS 197 for AES-256 encryption
• Certified FIPS 140-2 Level 2 for hardware encryption
• Separated encryption for authentication and encryption based on X.509

• Secure closed network
• Easily scalable
• Suitable for multiple applications
• Custom organisation network
• Very high symmetrical bandwidths up to 10 Gb/s